Online Lua, Mako Server, and Barracuda App Server Tutorials

Local server time: 17:56.

The App Server will reboot in 4 minutes.

Why we restart the tutorials every hour:

The tutorials give you full access to write server side code, run executables, and many other things that would normally be a big no-no for a public server. To keep things running smoothly and to prevent abuse, we re-install and restart the tutorials every hour.

Note: you can easily download and run the tutorials on your own computer. See the Mako Server getting started guide for details.

Please be respectful and avoid writing Lua code that blocks the server and/or loading C modules that would crash the server. This would make it confusing to other users using the server.

Note that the browser is used as an editor and for displaying the results. The actual processing takes place at the server side. The Lua code example displayed in the browser is sent to the server when the Run button is clicked. The server parses and executes the Lua code. The response from executing the Lua code is then sent to the browser.